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Can the color of the product yellow or fade?

No, EMS Extrusion white PVC railing and fencing systems use a specially treated formulation to ensure permanent color.


What product can be used to clean my guardrail or fence?

For regular cleaning, simply use a little soap and water on a soft cloth.


Can I purchase parts separately?

Yes, please refer to the store near you.


How far apart should the posts be installed?

When measuring the distance between posts, the measurement should be taken from the center of one post to the center of the next, NOT the distance between posts. Measure the precise length of the section before installing your posts.

PVC railings

What is a retainer plate and how should it be installed?

It is a rectangular piece of plastic with rounded corners. It must be screwed into the top rail from the inside of the post. This provides a secure attachment to the post and prevents the crossbar from sliding off the post.

LINE POST                                                       CORNER POST                                                 END POST

Frequently asked Questions

What should we do with the metal floating plate on the 28” universal anchor?

Line up the holes on the plate with the holes in the anchor base and screw through both. This provides more strength to the anchor in order to support the guardrail.

Where should we install the stair post?

It should only be used at the base of a section of stairs.

What type of post should be used between two consecutive sections of stairs?

You must use a stair post between two consecutive sections of stairs.


How should regular corner sections be installed?

You may need to widen the holes in the posts (line and corner post) widthwise to accommodate the rails.

How should a guardrail be installed on an existing post, an existing column or directly on a wall?

With wall and column supports (sold separately)


How deep should the holes be dug to install the posts?

The general size required is approximately 8'' in diameter depending on the size of the post that will be installed and from 36'' to 48'' in depth, depending on the location and the depth of the frost level. your region.

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